About Special Projects...


629 W. Hargett Street
Raleigh, NC 27603

Phone: 919.839.1888
Fax: 919.839.0802
Monday - Friday 7:00 - 3:30


Special Projects opened its doors in 1997 to pursue an active design and construction practice. Architect Andrew Leager started the company after finding the world of straight architectural commissions too confining. "I set up the shop to answer a need to keep my hands on materials. It always teaches me something".

Now in our tenth year, Special Projects has made steady progress toward equipping itself with machines and skills to accomplish the exciting, unusual, and sometimes difficult tasks. Our client list includes many of the best-regarded contractors in the region. Between projects we augment our shop capacity with limited production runs of in-house furniture designs.

Shop drawings are the pride of Special Projects. We use computers to build digital models of each design and provide pictorial views to our clients. From these same models we produce precise component drawings for manufacture.

Special Projects is expanding into the private sector, offering custom cabinetry and detailed architectural millwork to homeowners and individuals with specific design requirements. The ability of our company to conceptualize and produce virtually any type of interior or exterior structural or aesthetic element offers homeowners an opportunity for unlimited creative license with their living space. Contact Travis Leager to get more details and a consultation for custom design work.

We intend to remain located in the downtown Raleigh area so that we can answer the call for new work there. As downtown gains strength from new public facilities, so too will private enterprise. We want to stay associated with that entrepreneurial urban community.