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Project: Wake County Court House - 5th Floor Courtrooms

The county government improves facilities on a regular basis, especially those
located in high volume settings...(read more)

Project: The Kay Kitchen - Functional Kitchen Facelift

Improving the functionality of you kitchen with simple changes and raising
your property value is a great reason
...(read more)

Project: Cameron Village Library - Facility upgrade

Located in one of the oldest shopping and living venues in Raleigh, the Cameron Village library was updated by Cherry Huffman Architects in 2006...(read more)

Project: Carter Worthy Table - Custom Leaf Table

Carter Worthy approached Special Projects to construct a custom dining room table for large parties and family gatherings...(read more)

Project: Marbles Kids Museum - Moneypalooza

Marbles Kids Museum in downtown Raleigh has many interactive exhibits for young people and families. Moneypalooza is a joint project... (read more)



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