Duties for Office Manager


Pick up mail and stamp every piece with a "Received" dater.

Sort mail into categories including documents, bills, checks, periodicals, etc. Distribute mail to the appropriate recipient or holding tray. Review contents of trays on a minimum weekly basis to assure timely handling.

Keep postage stamps in stock. Maintain a record of postage used to service each reimbursable account as well as general office mailings.

Send out any package from the office by the best carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc.) and stay aware of all packing requirements and shipping policies of these common carriers.

Record Keeping

Fill out project data sheets at the start of each project so that all relevant data, including contact names and addresses, contract amounts, critical dates, and any other directory information are complete, up-to-date, and correct.

File all paperwork in the appropriate files using the office standard system. Assist in refining that filing system so that logic prevails and any document or other information can be retrieved without an exhaustive search. This system should reflect the need to pull current pending paperwork as well as store paperwork that is complete. Maintain a formal listing of the filing system.

Enter all data pertaining to money into the Quickbooks Pro bookkeeping system software. This includes miscellaneous receipts, bills payable, invoices receivable, time sheets, tax information. Keep abreast of any new software upgrades available, and maintain up-to-date tax table software upgrades.

Ensure that all entries into the computer bookkeeping system are complete, error free, and directed to the correct accounts on the first entry.

Produce precise reports on request that show balance sheets on any project, employee, account, or the whole company for any time period.

Maintain all project accounts so that an up-to date snapshot can be taken at any time that shows the company's assets and liabilities, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, or any project and vendor data.

Pay all accounts on time to avoid any late charges or extended financing.

Assemble data for the corporate tax return for Special Projects, Inc. This is limited to preparing raw data, not filling out the return.

Insurance and Licenses

Keep tabs on business insurance policies including general liability and workmen's compensation.

Keep track of and file incoming insurance certificates from subcontractors so that they are readily available and well organized for the annual audit.

Prepare license applications for review and submission in a timely way. These include local and state privilege licenses, NC Contractor's license, Board of Architecture license, and any others.

General Office Operations

Participate in company meetings, ready to critique and improve operations.

Keep project, vendor, and client files in order, separating contractual information, shop drawings, handwritten notes, and general correspondence.

Contribute ideas about corporate issues based on knowledge from previous experience and conduct new research to keep the company in conformance with existing and new laws.

Perform various minor bookkeeping duties for Vandy, LLC.

Set up and maintain the bookkeeping for company retail sales of furniture through the front window.


Maintain computer timesheets for each employee based on field written timesheets turned in by each employee.

Prepare payroll checks every two weeks on Friday and make sure that all time is entered into the correct project account.

Make timely and accurate filings of all employee taxes, including Federal 941, State NC5, Employment Security Commission, FUTA, and any others required by the authorities on a regular basis.

Business planning duties

Maintain and modify the web site, wemakestuff.com.

Enter items onto the company schedule and create critical path schedules for projects.

Cost estimating for upcoming projects.

Modify and update the business plan when necessary.

Draft critical issues for the expiration of the lease on December 31, 2004.


No miswritten checks.

Correct spelling of names and words.

All files in logical and chronological order.

Cheerful attitude in person and on the phone.

Timely preparation of bills, checks, and invoices without prompting.

Personal initiative when appropriate; ask questions when necessary. Keep the boss in the loop.

Deliver bad news without delay the same as good news.

Keep workstation tidy. Assist with keeping the Boss's desk organized.