The Process


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Special Projects design process is the critical component of our business profile. It's simple and linear with an empasis on clarity.

1. The Client Meeting - An effective Design Process is fundamental for producing qualtity work. Our process begins at the client meeting where we identify requirements, formulate design concepts, and develop a cost-sensitive solution. We work to determine a clear profile of the user, the space, and goals of the end-product.

2. Concept Design - After meeting with the client, we produce a digital AutoCAD concept design of the project while evaluating effectiveness and viability. This stage involves a functional design concept, presentation drawings, and a submittal to the client for approval.

3. Production - When the final design is approved for functionality, materials, cost effectiveness, and aesthetic appeal we manufacture the entire project in our shop.
AutoCAD shop drawing are the first step in production.

4. Component Manufacture - Every assembly part is constructed with the highest
quality materials and with state-of-the-art equimpment.

5. Pre-Installation Assembly - Each project is preassembled in our shop to insure an easy, efficient, and error free site installation.

6. On Site Installation - The final stage of the Special Projects process is fun for everyone. It represents the visual presentation of a productive relationship.